MossTender on the Move!

As Moss quickens its growth along the Meadow floor and the Hillock transforms into a Magical Miniature Moss Mountain Community, Ann, the MeadowWalker and MossTender is creeping to catch up with all the creating that’s been going on. It’s been only two plus years! since I recorded any MossWhispers.
My heart continues to listen though my fingers have been learning, tending and typing textures of mosses rather than typing texts into my computer.
Even with dirt under my nails, I RE-COMMIT to posting MossWhispers!
LOOK for upcoming announcements:
•Spring Workshops for Adults and Children
•MossMakings for Sale
•Services offered by the MossTender
LOOK for articles and photos that describe many of the happenings and learnings going on around the Studio, Hillocks and Elsewhere!

I also ASK from you:
•to keep ME posted with comments about what you see & other MossWhisperings that might interest you!
•share my blog with others that might be interested
Your feedback and connections will be very nurturing and energizing for me! Thank you! Aciu! (a’choo is the name of my Studio and my favorite word! It means Thank You in Lithuanian)

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