Stone Door to Wise Old Tree

At the centermost peak of The Hillock, just past the Two Stone Pillars, ramble stone steps climbing to the base of the Wise Old Tree. On the North Side of the tree at the top of the steps is a stone door gathering moss. What’s behind it or how to open it are not common knowledge. Those that make it through the Valley of Ashes and past Char, the guardian of the gates, are greeted by this series of stone steps held together with mossy mortar. With each step towards the ancient arch, wrinkled feelings forged by life, slowly smooth… leaving one’s whole being open to a willing wonder that’s been waiting to surface. As eyes and hearts refocus, clearly appears on the stone’s surface, a statue of Queen, herself, sculpted in detail on the front of the door. Nevermind a door knob or hinges. This door doesn’t function as we know doors to do. To hillock inhabitants, save only a few of the wisely intuitive, this central stone remains a mysterious monument to some primal presence on this hillock. And even for them, each is privy to only one piece of such knowledge. Perhaps a better use of ones time when near these beautiful steps, is to savor their natural beauty, their combinations of colors and shapes, and the views from such a high vantage point, rather than spending one’s time and energy trying to figure out how to open the door. From the top step, eyes can practically view a 360, except for directly behind the tree where The Artist paints the western sunsets. Still it’s hard to keep imaginations from climbing higher and delving deeper into the Mystery of the Stone Door in the Wise Old Tree. Questions and ponderings are best solved on this mossy hillock by not ‘trying to figure it out.’

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