Twigs at Twilight Beginnings

Last night was one of those ‘untimely’ ones! Up past 2 am dealing with technology tempests! I guess I need to give myself a little slack on learning how to navigate the subtle nuances of a new website vs. a blog! I was trying to post a painting and embed the text. I need to learn how to ‘draw and paint’ with not only the ‘content’ of the text in mind, but also merging the ‘text and painting layout’ .  I actually don’t even know how to ‘language’ that much less ‘execute’ it! Agghh! And now that I’ve mentioned the word, execute, I didn’t at ALL intend to create a painting that looks like two little guys being ‘executed’ in a tree! NOT a good way to begin my next innocent children’s book!!!! I definitely need to adjust this illustration to reflect what is really beautiful in my mind’s eye! More work to be done!

As for the poem…I was digging through all my notes on Twigs at Twilight, (and this story has been in the making for years!) I came upon my initial poem that I wrote and have been tediously tampering with off and on ever since!… I’m courageously stepping through fear to tackle this one!  And to get one step ahead of staying up til dawn each night, I’m posting this poem again TODAY!  and the first page of the ‘story’ will come up TOMORROW!!! To write about ‘dawn’ I need to switch my inner clock!  



TWIGS at TWILIGHT (initial poem)

Two tiny twigs become best friends
Perched on branches at different ends
By day they watch as the world moves by,
When twilight comes, they sprout wings to fly!

As evening shadows step out to play,
This moonlit night, twigs begin their day.
Through their limbs blow nightly breezes,
With winded breaths, each locked joint eases.

Knees once stiffened, wiggle and knob,
Eyes exchange winks, heads gently bob.
Linking elbows, they take their stance.
Two tiny twigs begin to prance!

They loosen their joints and raise their knees,
Dancing a circle that no one sees.
Off on adventure upon the lawn,
Until the untimely sun cries, Dawn!

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