Martha Julia Agnes Adele 8

They’ve finally made it to the Potter’s Tree! So the search  for the lost shoe has begun for Slab and Martha Julia Agnes Adele! Now we’ll get to go around The Hillock with them on their search. Today was an intense day of working on text and this painting. Need to go get a few more painting supplies as they are running out! I’m realizing that for me to keep up this posting pace I really need to work from morning ’til night! I do love it, though! I guess since learning to read for children is such a reciprocal process of learning from both reading and writing, that learning to paint, draw, and write at the same time could be that way for me! I had to post it in a small form because it looks distorted when it’s big.



So Martha Julia Agnes Adele

Helps Slap pull his load unusually well.

“Here’s my home at Potter’s Tree.”

“Let’s plan our route and have some tea.”


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