Celebrate the Silence of the Snowflake

Snow Pitcher

On the mantel is my favorite pitcher. On it is written, “Celebrate the Silence of the Snowflake.” I found it at a thrift store, and a special friend and I share it back and forth. It happened to be here for this snow. I wondered if the words written on it were some famous quote. Sofar, I haven’t found the source. Yet, it is part of the snow celebration! For the snow muffles the sounds of school buses, the sounds of cars, and footsteps as we usually know them. With its silence it brings a brand new world of awe. Stay warm, everyone! And sleep tight!

Quiet scrunches of the feet.

A blanket of white tucks the world in tight.

Wrinkles of mud and crackles of leaves,

Hidden and smoothed from sight and sound.

Earthworms deep beneath the ground

Huddle round each other in a survival hug.

Light and shadows play their games

To celebrate the silence the snowflake brings.

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