Been working on a hopscotch area for our grandkids out under the shade of an old oak tree by the house.


The hopscotch from my Jingle Ring book is becoming more real! Here’s the Mock Up in the woods.


Lately my posts have been a little sketchy and sparse. Been spending a lot of time either napping through fatigue or out using my hands in ‘gross motor’ ways, since they can’t seem to do the fine things of painting right now. They work okay for sitting and crumbling dirt and sifting out roots and weeds, and working with the mosses, creating spaces for grandchildren to play. Not much driving for me, and I seem to drop      and break lots of things. That’s one way to thin out stuff.

It’s dawned on me that I MUST find a way to still post here…because books are in the making all the time and every day, thank goodness! The moss whispers a strong call for me to create! No matter how much pain or fatigue! So I’m hopscotching along with posting here and there!

Briefly I’ve come inside for a cool drink and to rest. I need to decide what configuration is best for the hopscotch blocks…though the great thing is that I can move them around. For a start, I want to create a safe, flat, place for toddlers to have fun stepping, hopping, and playing. Later, if they want they can get into the more complicated ones or make their own if they choose. This is just a starter.

I recall one of my favorite books for this when I was teaching:Hopscotch@W


Maybe someday they’ll be interested in this, but for now out here in the country, we’ll start with a small wooded hopscotch area made with cement stepping stones. We’ll need to save the chalk for city sidewalks or somewhere else for now.

I think I’ll go for ten blocks and the easiest hopping scenario which is probably alternating one block and then two.

How do YOU remember your hopscotch as a child? PLEASE send me your pics and comments.

I’ll also post later when it’s all finished. Must give fingers a typing break for now and go do some more ‘gross motor’.

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