Martha Julia Agnes Adele 29!

Doing this last page was a challenge. Not sure why but I have many ‘suspicions’….•finishing anything has a charge to it! (is it ‘enough’? what will I do next? I’ll miss this little project so might be hard to ‘let go’ and ‘move on’ •have I really reached the end? • painting what’s in her mind (PLUS what’s in MY mind!) gets complicated. • I need to stop and learn how to paint ‘firefly glow’ • I need to practice how to get her body moving right and figure out how to merge the different sizes and scales. • I’m wiped out from a bunch of woodworking I’ve been doing • I MUST procrastinate and take a break!

I guess I’m good at making such lists! Now finally here’s a rough last page!

Way to go ME! And way to go Martha Julia Agnes Adele! We’re all proud and relieved to have done what we’ve done and learned what we’ve learned!

Now comes the really fun part!!! Re-editing and re-editing everything from type-os to mistake-os! And rewriting the book, changing words, concepts, plot and all! For now, we’ll let you ‘Sit and rest a spell, Martha Julia Agnes Adele! Thanks for this adventure!


  1. ronnie c said,

    February 12, 2020 at 12:27 am

    I have so loved following the every-growing story. A treasure each day.


  2. Ann Gordon said,

    February 21, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Thanks, Ronnie, for being a consistent cheerleader! I’m finishing a few loose ends on the Martha Julia Agnes Adele book, like coming up with a title! and lots of editing and picture corrections, and the updated map of The Hillock. Meanwhile listening for what story is next! Hopefully one that I can try without rhyming! Enjoy your days! Ann

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