Inside My Great Walls II

“Inside My Great Walls, by Ann Gordon, read by John Gordon

I’m still experimenting with ways to illustrate this brief story about a child being in quarantine. Our grandson’s Joe and baby Alex and his mom and dad are two of my heroes as they continue to self quarantine in Beijing, going on two months now. I think John took Joe out in their courtyard once or twice briefly for some fresh air. Catherine continues to make the most amazing meals for all of them from food they order and have delivered to the gate of their neighborhood. They have stayed much healthier than I have lately! The made themselves a family schedule that includes exercise time, window sun time, storylines, working, yoga, and so much more.

Regarding this illustration, as with all of them, I become more and more aware of how much more have to learn about perspective, scale, light, shadows, not to mention color and techniques. I may end up doing this drawing over and over. These children are supposed to be on a window seat looking down below from the 11th floor. Instead, my drawing makes it look like they are on the ground level and that these tiny bikes and scooters are merely little toys! Much to learn! Much to learn All matters and manners of things to learn! Loving it!

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