Inside My Great Walls, Page 4 (revised)

Thank you! Thank you! to all of you answered my call for help on ideas for this ‘little guy’s’ hopeful harbinger for when he once again will be free from his time of staying at home! I appreciate your taking the time and sending me your very creative and thoughtful ideas! After having fun imagining your ideas with pictures in my head, and after pondering what would fit things already in this story, and of course after thinking about my grandson, Joe in China and his favorite flying symbols, I decided to go with his scooter and cape and save the rest of your great ideas for frolics in the future! You all really gave me enough harbinger ideas for many books! Thank you for your encouraging comments on my website and also on Facebook!

Inside My Great Walls, written by Ann Gordon, read by John Gordon
Note: I have revised last two lines of page 4 text to make adjustments in the meaning of the story. This revision has not yet made it to this audio version.
Inside My Great Walls, Page 4 (final version! I think!)

Hopefully this will be the last update for this page for awhile. I also was not too happy with the color cirulean blue I had first used for the sky. I tried altering it some with water and cobalt blue! I’m still experimenting with sky colors. I can now move on to sprucing up page 5, which was my original illustration when I first thought of this story.

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