Light Memory

Years ago, I was in California, at a MoreToLife Workshop, called
‘On a Sacred Path.’ I took this quick photo of the cabins where we stayed, and my favorite stump, right as we were leaving for the airport.

It was only months later, when a friend asked me if I ever saw any fairies. From that followed a great discussion about photographing special places and looking for ‘the unseen’.
Here is the first ‘aha!’ I had.

I zoomed in on the sunlit parts , and ‘there she was!’

Light Game!

The sun’s out! Amazing what light does!
Colors come out to play with it. Blue sky becomes the gameboard. Upon it, the steadfast family of evergreen peers from it’s hidden castle of mistyfog. Sillouettes slip off their meshes of blackened hose, and pull up nature’s herringboned hues. The wildwind has blown to darker lands leaving stillsilentspace for gratitude to grow.

Gratitude is so great! All it needs is a teenytiny crevice to peek through and remind us of everything good! I think it grows more than exponentially! It grows beyond all directions and turns time back into what it iswasandwillalwaysbe! A sphere of oneness! And spheres? Well spheres need space and silence to hold them! And sometimes I guess since our minds think we can only access things we can see, we somehow need a little light on the subject to remind us what was there all along!

Welcome: The Adventure Begins!

Glad you decided to peek into my Blog and think about sharing in this Adventure with me!
I LOVE Adventures! Maybe because it takes a little bit of boldness on my part to go on one! And there are so many wonderful surprises!

This BLOG thing has been beckoning me for years now and I’ve just been hiding down in our mossy hillocks peeking at other blogadventures from behind big boulders that I’ve created in my mind. You probably know what I mean… the kind of boulders that build walls and look dangerous! Boulders like: ‘no one would want to spend time listening to my whispers!’ ‘I might goof and say something I didn’t mean’ ‘or be mis-interpreted’…. Besides, my personal boulders seem beautiful enough on my side…so there’s no ‘logical’ reason to dare venture beyond and see if they are as beautiful on the other side! And what if there is more than just one other side of things?!!! (which of course there is!).

So here I’ve been down in my little ‘hillock’ writing books, nurturing nature and being nurtured by it, digging a pond, taking walks, and making fairy gardens and houses now and then. And meanwhile, living my life and learning to let it live me! I’ve gotten nudges near and far about ‘putting it out there!’ ideas, thoughts, etc. And so… here comes my bold whisperings to the world! Looking forward to listening for your whispers as well!

Oh, and I guess I should mention a truth we all probably know already: the most exciting thing about adventures, especially mossy ones is that we have NO IDEA what shape they will take!

So here’s to our Mossy Adventure!
All for now! Ann