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Francklin at the Hillock

Francklin is really the muse that makes moments come alive down at The Hillock.  Or at least he’s the ‘prime noticer,’ the one of bigger consciousness in the process. Nothing is out of his reach nor does it sneak by undetected. Having already defied the 4-legged rule for dogs by being a Terrific Tri-paw, here he is moving on up to a Two-paw stance to observe his lizard friend by the PondHole.

Francklin on 2 legs!

Meanwhile, I’m working away at pulling the weeds and working through the wild happenings of my life to sit long enough to listen to Francklin and the Mosswhispers trying to speak to me of what to write next. I miss my painting and work on my books. Writing has continued but not in post mode lately. For now, I’m readying for my next big posting period and forgiving myself for my lapses. All the while grateful for each precious Mossy Moment with my grand-children, grown-children, and great-parents and Alex. Grateful for spring and trying to learn to accept or at least deal with these ticks in our meadow. Gotta love the whole journey! all that’s in it!

Handsome Fellas!

Black:White2Black:White1It’s so rare to see our handsome doggies, Francklin and Lacy, all dressed in black and white along with handsome Alex, who’s dressed in black and white to sing at MLK DAY.      With such distinguished fellas in my midst, it’s hard not to share them! I love them all so much, even though the dogs shed alot more hair than Alex does!


Francklin’s Wrapping Frenzy

Francklin, our 3-legged dog, plunged into helping us get ready for Christmas with great passion! He took our wrapping to a whole new level, leaving no paper folded. His joy is so contagious that I’ll carry his passionate paper moment in my heart forever. Francklin won’t forget it either. He waited patiently to start the whole process over when I packed it all back in the box! What a sheer bundle of joy he is! I’m so grateful for his gentle spirit and boundless loving energy!

Francklin1 Francklin2Francklin3Francklin5Francklin6Francklin7Francklin8Francklin9Francklin10

Francklin Waits for the Next Stories to Unfold

Today was just too beautiful to stay inside! Francklin, our three-legged dog, who is my forever patient and playful companion, has found his top dog mound on The Hillock where he surveys the scene, always ready to bound into action if there is a stick flying through the air or if he can get my attention with his ball! I’ve been fine tuning the paths and walls. For some reason I am getting The Hillock ready for SOMETHING, not sure what. I’ve always wanted to have a ‘tea’ or some gathering here in the spring. And new dwellings seem to be popping up in anticipation of something! There are so many stories emerging from the mysterious mounds! Maybe after I finish publishing “What Makes a Jingle Ring,” I’ll have space in my head to hear the MossWhispers! Ready for the next Adventures!