Welcome to my website!

This is a place for me to share. Anything from random thoughts to artistic process.

I’m looking forward to evolving a ‘web-home’ that is as energizing for you as it is for me. I want to create an atmosphere that allows for growing and creative interchange to take place, so please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions on any of my posts.  I read and respond to all of them!

Ann headshot 3Just to let you know a little about me: I am an explorer, forever learner, and in love with the wonders of nature. After teaching for 30 years, and watching our three children start families of their own, my husband, Alex and I live in Efland, NC, and enjoy exploring the countryside with our two springers, Lacy and Francklin. I also am absorbed with discovering and creating from mysteries of the land, especially down in the meadow at The Hillock, the setting of one of my children’s books in process.

I also have my first Children’s Book for sale here!

JingleTitlePageScreenShotI have recently finished my second picture book,  Twigs at Twilight Searching for Lacey Leaf, and it is currently being revised for print. Here’s a ‘sneak peak’!



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  1. Martha August 13, 2013 at 3:40 am Permalink

    How good it is to get your nightly creations again. And how much fun it was to do the Durham tour with you. Love.

    • Ann Gordon August 13, 2013 at 9:53 am Permalink

      Thanks, Martha! It’s good to be back with ‘the Twigs’. I feel quite rusty, though. In more ways than one! I’m ready for a trip to Emerald City for a good ‘buffing’ of my rusty self, and a good oil can for my joints! How are your hands doing? Did I tell you I have a ‘mutant gene’? Probably we all too! That’s how we end up so different? My doctor suggested I get the 23 and me tests done. Check it out: https://www.23andme.com/
      Great time with Mimi and Pop! and you and everyone! Thanks!

  2. Petrea Palmer Tomko October 7, 2013 at 11:35 am Permalink


    I am so tickled you showed up somehow yesterday on facebook mysteriously and providentially! And how delighted I am to discover these delicious artworks you are undertaking. I am going on this adventure with you – all the way, girl! I would love to encourage you to get your books printed. My sister, for her 60th birthday last week is launching a little free libraries “branch” here in Pensacola. So I need these to put in the libraries that are soon to start “popping up” in these neck of the woods. I would also LOVE to have these to give as birthday presents for the little ones in my life. How I would love to see you and Alex in your little Hillock. What a precious little world you are introducing me to and allowing me to explore! Much love, Petrea

  3. Ann Gordon October 7, 2013 at 9:43 pm Permalink

    Hi Petrea!
    So great to hear from you! And to know you’ll be on these adventures with me! I can’t wait to catch up! So many smiles in my heart when I remember you and all the fun at Horton House! I’m working on the best way to ‘publish’ in hardback soon. I’m also seeing what I can learn from reworking the stories with prose. Somehow the rhyme just pops out, and in some strange way has helped me focus on fewer words…yet there are SO many characters and adventures wanting their turn, that I may have to let a few more of them in! Keep in touch! Love, Ann

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