First Fairie Gathering! @ The Hillocks! ElfLand NC

For years I’ve conjured up so many visions that it will take ALL of my lifetimes to complete them! Especially at the snails rate that I’ve been traveling! Thankfully this one has started manifesting! Thanks to the help of my sister and cousins and daughter and daughter-in-law, and all the other Fairies of course!! I hope to have many more gatherings like this!FAIRIE LUNCHEON

First Fairie Gathering 2013@ElfLand!
Those present but not pictured, Viktorija Gordon, photographer; Alex Gordon, who breezed in for the brunch part!

On May 17, 2013, representatives of a long line of Fairie Folk converged on Thunder Mountain from a variety of places in time and space! And many more from geographically far away and other lifetimes cheered us all on! It’s time I included the rest of you on some delicious stories, photos, and questions answered for the first time!

Those in attendance that actually manifested in time and space:  Carolyn Franck, the present Fairie Queene from a long line of Magical Fairie Folk; Martha Franck Rollins, most power-spirited Faire extraordinaire; Betsy Rollins Euler, a fairie expert in the healing realm and pixie of perseverance; Lucy Euler, a fairie of wonder and surprises that unfold before our very eyes!; Cousin Mary Hunter Smith Goss, who comes from a strong line of energetic and vibrantly alive fairies(though I must say, I have not yet met any fairie folk that weren’t pretty vibrant); Viktorija Gordon, representing the untold magic of Lithuanian Fairies & Mermaids from the Baltic Sea; Oliver Abernethy, the most recent Elfin King, which the name Oliver so aptly implies; Hannah Gordon, right-hand fairie to the left-handed Aunty Fairie Ann Gordon in residence, sometimes known as Mossy (though not as the Urban Dictionary defines such names!); and the amazing three Carter Fairies: Coatesie Carter Clark, Lucy Carter Wilson, and Janie Carter Vaughn! (I also KNOW they must be related in some other form to Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which! Which is which, and who is who, and which is whatsit, I have no clue!) I’ll have to mention there was one Elf-like creature that slipped in long enough to visit and munch the wonderful Fairie Bread made by Janie, Alex Gordon, was his name!

First on our agenda was to walk down to The Fairie Hillock #1 (yes, there are and will be many more!). There we greeted the present day Fairie Queen Caroline! driven down through The Meadow by her Darling PowerFairieDaughter, Martha Franck Rollins! of course she was escorted by ElfAlex and the ElfLand MightyDogs, Francklin and Lacy!

Arrival@Hillock1FairieQueenArrivalMarthaBetsyLucy-3Generations of PowerWomen!

The third photo above is of three generations of Power Fairies!!! Lucy!Betsy! & Martha!

In the photo below, I think you might find it hard to actually see the Hillock Fairie that Auntie Fairie Janie is reconnecting with and introducing to us! Try as I might, I could not get any photo adjustments to help her manifest! She’s in the air just below Janie’s right hand. Can you see her? Let me know if you can!!!

AuntieFairieJanie with a HillockFairieCousinJanie@TheHillock

After exchanging our Secret Fairie Hugs, exploring The Hillock began!  Auntie Fairie Janie was I think the first to journey along CobbleStoneWay and Lucy and Betsy began hunting for the Fairie of the Castle of the Heart and The One-Winged Bird.



I must mention, the sacrifices that many Fairies make to wave their wands and expertise for the good of the WholeFairieRealm!!! For though this next photo is beautiful of the Fairies that could choose to manifest themselves down at The Hillock, there were three Fairest of the Fairies Manifesting that day, back atop the meadow at the house, waving wands and sprinkling pixie dust with great love and zeal to have Scrumptious Brunch ready and waiting upon our return! Unfortunately, they are not pictured here, you you will need to imagine the Fairest of the Faire that day: Hannah Gordon, Viktorija Gordon, and Mary Hunter Smith Goss! And our ElfinKIngO liver was asleep, envisioning his next magical mischief. Gratitude and goose bumps to you unseen three+1 not in this photo! (I think Lucy was still exploring and Betsy took the photo!)

AuntieFairies@Hillock1And now for the stories that unfolded that very day! The ones we can tell, at least! I invite all who were present to ADD to the MIX! Please comment and I’ll figure out how to post any pictures you send or have sent! Enjoy! These amazing FairieFolk made my first vision come true!!! Can’t wait for Fairie Gathering # 2!!!!