Letter to Martha Julia Agnes Adele

Martha Julia Agnes Adele
Your adventure’s on hold, so sit for a spell.
This writer’s hands got busy and full.
With Life’s awesome moments of push and pull.

My focus has become quite kaleidoscopic….
It’s been very hard to stick to one topic.
With grandchildren nearby, it’s been time for playing
And …tweaking the studio where ‘Grandmom’s staying.’


Diapers for young and diapers for old…
Clothes to wash and clothes to fold.
Stuff to organize and people, too.
Suddenly there seems SO much to do!

I’m keeping a lookout for my ‘writer’s pen…’
Somewhere underneath this life that I tend.
The brushes and colors that give you your life
Are somewhere hidden ‘neath each joy and strife!

Martha Julia Agnes Adele…                                                                                Please wait my return as you sit for a spell.                                                            I’ll meet you someday & we’ll find your shoe!                                                 Right now I have this LIFE to do!

The unknowns and losses you’re pondering there                                                                                                           Are no different at all from the ones in my hair!
As I unravel these moments beyond all belief,
I know it’s the stuff of a writer’s relief.


For under it all we are learning to trust                                           When the time is just right, we’ll see through this dust.
The words will come clear, the brushes will show…
That the shoe that you lost is what’s helping you grow!

All that we need is what’s before us today
To guide us and glide us towards our path on our way.
Meanwhile …practice tying your other shoe! And I’ll practice the things that I need to do! Love, Mossy Me!