Under the Stairs


Under the stairs there’s a little door that leads to a little room. Everywhere I’ve ever lived there’s been one. I remember the one with all my grandmother’s beautiful perfume bottle with yellow liquids made from essences of flowers.  I would spend hours pouring and mixing them in my ‘chemistry lab’ and somehow was still able to breathe.

Under the stairs are perfect places for little people to go….private, hidden, yet right in the middle of it all! For Grandboy Oliver, it’s The Lalay Bug House with many beds and chairs and little people that can all fit into one! No matter how old I get, no matter how hard it might ever be to fold myself small enough for a moment with and as a child, there will always be a place for magic and wonder under the stairs! Thank you, Oliver, for taking me there once again…to be a child under the stairs!

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