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Letter to Martha Julia Agnes Adele

Martha Julia Agnes Adele
Your adventure’s on hold, so sit for a spell.
This writer’s hands got busy and full.
With Life’s awesome moments of push and pull.

My focus has become quite kaleidoscopic….
It’s been very hard to stick to one topic.
With grandchildren nearby, it’s been time for playing
And …tweaking the studio where ‘Grandmom’s staying.’


Diapers for young and diapers for old…
Clothes to wash and clothes to fold.
Stuff to organize and people, too.
Suddenly there seems SO much to do!

I’m keeping a lookout for my ‘writer’s pen…’
Somewhere underneath this life that I tend.
The brushes and colors that give you your life
Are somewhere hidden ‘neath each joy and strife!

Martha Julia Agnes Adele…                                                                           Please wait my return as you sit for a spell.                                                     I’ll meet you someday…And we’ll find your shoe!                                       Right now I have this LIFE to do!

The unknowns and losses you’re pondering there                                                                                                           Are no different at all from the ones in my hair!
As I unravel these moments beyond all belief,
I know it’s the stuff of a writer’s relief.


For under it all we are learning to trust                                           When the time is just right, we’ll see through this dust.
The words will come clear, the brushes will show…
That the shoe that you lost is what’s helping you grow!

All that we need is what’s before us today
To guide us and glide us towards our path on our way.
Meanwhile …practice tying your other shoe! And I’ll practice the things that I need to do! Love, Mossy Me!





Castle of the Heart and the Diamond Trail

As I prepare to paint the next page of  Martha Julia Agnes Adele, I need to revisit The Castle of the Heart, Char the dragon, and the diamond trail. Here’s a photo of the trail left by a real slug (the one that kissed the fairy!) one day down at the Hillock. I need to work on how I want to paint it. Yesterday’s painting didn’t do the diamond trail justice.


Martha Julia Agnes Adele 16

Found a 6 hour window of time when my pain lightened enough for me to finish one page! Now it’s coming back! Hmmm…juggling pain, naps, exercise of some sort, and painting is the challenge these days! Grateful, though to have something I love to do, even when I don’t feel well! Great to use new pens and a few new colors! Martha, we’ll help you find your shoe yet!Martha16withtext

Martha Julia Agnes Adele 15

I did it! I pushed through INERTIA! back into Martha Julia Agnes Adele’s adventure at The Hillock in search of her shoe! Pushing through inertia must be like jumping into the magic pool or finding the doorway to the wardrobe when all conditions are right to enter Narnia! Now to get some new pens that haven’t dried out and mix new colors, and if I can just remember how to draw a little bit more!  I’ll need to go back and work on ‘who’s speaking’ and to whom later…but for now, don’t worry Martha Julia Agnes Adele, won’t leave you anymore til you find your shoe!Martha15withtext

Martha Julia Agnes Adele 14

Tried a new ink pen, and even though it was permanent, bleed free, and more, it ran when the brush with water hit it!  From now on, no compromising on art supplies just to save time or money. Finally enters Slug. I’m still playing with how to get his looks to fit his character. He’ll start expressing himself more soon! I’m wondering if I should have had the artist involved in this scene ? We’ll see what happens!Martha14withtext


Martha Julia Agnes Adele 13

This particular page took a lot of  text editing and reworking. I’m working on being a better gauge at how much space to leave with calm background so that the text will show up. This page worked except that I haven’t quite got the sizing right to match my paintings to a horizontal page. Hence, some of Marth had to be ‘cropped’ out of the picture. I’m also including a few photos of the real Artist’s House down at The Hillock. I added the bottle tree. Makes me think of my friend Deter who’s spirit is in this book and in my heart. She had a beautiful bottle tree in her yard.



Chocolate Mushroom Cafe: to be or not to be?


I’m struggling with the text for the next page of my Martha Julia Agnes Adele Adventure. I refer to The Chocolate Mushroom Cafe, and I’m wondering if I should worry about if this could be encouraging children to nibble on mushrooms they find in the woods.  I bring up this concern after having parented a precious and adventurous 2 year old who had a tendency to put woodsy mushrooms in her mouth. Often we would end up in the E.R. to ‘decide if she was exposed to some dangerous one!’

Here it is:

“Oh, what a grand Adventure Day!”

“We’re near the Chocolate Mushroom Cafe!”

“Step right up by this giant stone shoe!”

“You’ll especially love their acorn stew!”


Slab reaches behind him and pulls out a map.

From a hidden pocket in his shoulder strap.

“Let’s sit at this table and make our plan…”

“While we eat our stew and custard flan.”


And here is background information:

Slab and Martha… are about to discover that they are very near the Chocolate Mushroom Cafe. This is another actual place at The Hillock that is adjacent to the Queen’s Stove, that they stumbled upon on the last page. The Chocolate Mushroom Cafe is a flat top of one of the high mounds at The Hillock, underneath the Maple Tree that has The Market at its roots on its other side. There is a large, shoe-shaped rock, about size 6, that leads to a pebblestone trail to stone steps that go up to the flat top of the mound. On the mound are a few ‘stone tables’ where customers can enjoy acorn stew, custard flan, and more than likely chocolate mushroom dishes.  There is a tiny flower pot on each table, one holding meadow flowers, and one holding green moss. It got its name from some dark brown mushrooms growing on a log by the old stone shoe.

Painting for this page is in process. Here’s the Chocolate Mushroom Cafe in its early winter stages:



Martha Julia Agnes Adele 11

I’ve always thought that acorns would be the best currency! At least in these economic times! The reason this little stove is named ‘the queen’s stove’ is because that is the name carved on this actual little stove that is down at The Hillock. Not sure who the queen really is in this story, or even if she ever will show up. No matter. She makes a mean acorn stew!Martha11withtext