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Experimenting with Twig 7 and 8!

I’ve been experimenting for the last two days with both expanding my text and doing a double page illustration. Not sure yet how I want to incorporate the text yet, so I’m just posting the pictures for now.  Hmmm…I guess I’ll need to do a double photo shot to it to post as one here, and then do single photos to have on my computer rough copy. Sometimes, I think making it all by ‘hand’ would be easier. So I’ll experiment with how to add the text with it for tomorrow. Another late night! Big day of gardening, brick-laying, and cleaning house!…a lot for my little numbing hands. And now that I’ve posted it, I think I want to adjust the painting some more!


Twigs at Twilight 6

I almost got twilight colors like I wanted them just on the horizon starting at the left. But then I muddied them when I tried to make a background that would work for the text! It would be so much easier if I had some training in this! But I guess ‘doing it’ is one way to train myself! Added the little British Soldiers when I appealed for ideas from Facebook friends. My cousin Susie suggested British Soldiers. And how I DO love those little lichens, the British Soldiers! Only thing is that they are lichens and not moss like Big Twig says. So hopefully, the green stuff in his mouth counts as moss, and since these lichens are often around other mosses and lichens, I think it’ll work okay. I’m trying the little soldiers as the Twig Guys ‘sidekicks’…. since I may need them down the road to help express a few things in the text. We’ll see how they do.TWIG 6sshot