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Mr. Jingle 5


He’s climbing higher in the tree! The illustrations are getting harder for me as ‘the plot thickens’. Need more sleep! So does he!

Mr. Jingle 5

My p-o-c-ket keeps jingling…

I’ll look there and see.

hmmm…lots in my pocket…

Which thing could it be?


Mr. Jingle 4

Page 4 was the hardest yet! Couldn’t get colors and words to work! And poor little guy, besides looking a little jaundiced, he’s gonna need chiropractic work after getting that boot off! Gotta love the climb, when learning to write and paint at the same time! Now finally off to bed! 

Jingle 4

I kick off my boots…
Pull my hat from my head…
No, it’s not in these…
Must be elsewhere instead.

Mr. Jingle 3

Mr. Jingle is still climbing his up to his room. Almost loses his hat while he’s trying to locate that jingling sound… And I lost a lot of sleep just trying to help his legs stay together in one body! Gotta work on drawing…perspective, proportions, body ratios, or whatever you call those painting techniques! And need to work on developing ‘his pocket’  (hint) as the paintings as well as his perceptions (and ours) develop….aghh! so much to do! and I do love the process!

It ringles and jingles
Each step that I take
I must find it soon.
Lest it keep me awake.

Mr. Jingle 2

This little guy keeps appearing at the big tree. He’s a character for sure and evolving like ME! It’ll be  fun to see what he’s up to!Mr. Jingle 2

Something’s jingling!…What IS it?

That bird in my tree?

No…it’s closer than that!

It’s somewhere near ME!

Mr. Jingle

This little guy, I’ll call him Mr. Jingle for now, has appeared in The Hillock of my mind off and on. My own grown children are encouraging me to illustrate a little ‘jingle book’ I’ve been growing, so here’s my first attempt at page one’s illustration. And of course the eye of the mind and the brush of the heart are already calling me to rewrite the text! aggh! How does one EVER finish anything when ‘evolution’ takes over!!! Does survival of the fittest really mean survival of the finishers? I hope not, for I will NEVER get Mr. Jingle to the top of the stairs!!!  I guess I’m not experiencing writer’s block, but rather writer’s detours! or distractions?!!!!  Reader’s tip: Italics is my mind and the process. ’Straight lettering’ will represent my evolving text. Enjoy! And please give me feedback so I can learn!

I climb up the steps

To my room in the tree.

It’s been a full day.

For you and for me!