Like Minds Moss Together

Hi, if you’re still there. This blog was of course to be a daily blog, yet in the beginning it is starting out g r a d u a l l y as a quartly blog. Moss grows slowly, yet it is a ‘forever’ sort of kind of matter.

Today started with mowing paths through the meadow until the tractor sputtered to a halt by Hillock Number 2. This is a hillock with great potential and a character all its own that has not yet been discovered.

As I walked the paths up towards the house, there was G. my beautiful friend, who was stooped over taking a photograph of the brilliant yellow flowers above the stone garden wall with the intense purple flowers behind it. She was preparing to teach her Color class out in our garden. I was thrilled to see her and showed her how the bumblebee cliffdwellers were doing with their ‘condo-construction’ under the cantilevered part of our house. I could spend hours with her, and as it usually turns out, I only have brief moments to soak her all in.

What makes G so wonderful? Hmmm…she has such a positive buzzz or vibration about her. She loves life, loves beauty, loves kids, and looovves gardening! She’s helping me think in steps about how to make some of my million garden dreams come true.

Do you ever carry so many ideas in your head and heart, and they all connect? and then they connect with more and more…? And then it’s hard to unconnect them from the whole painting long enough to make one stroke at a time towards the total? Well, that’s me!…and moss…
Sometimes I think my mind just mosses up into these beautiful visions of what’s possible, that then I have trouble “making it so” as my friend B says. (She’s a mutual friend of mine and of G’s.) See how even people moss together?

Well, G understands that, and how dirt, plants, bees, people, dogs, all moss together, and thus she understands Me! And that is so grateful, isn’t it! To be understood by someone. She gets that my mind is very web-like (I mean like a spider’s web), and she just crawls right into it, delights along with me, and lives comfortably there. So even though I only have brief moments with her, they are precious gold.

Then the ‘artists’ arrived. Four very alive women with sketchbooks in hand. We all met on the deck and G talked with us about ‘color’. Spectrums, light, intensity, …the words mossed around in my head. What really took hold for me was that light was what brought the colors to us.

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