Kitchens at the Hillock: Kitchen 1

Kitchens seem to be emerging more rapidly than any other outdoor ‘rooms’ around the Hillock! Sofar, I’ve spotted two! no, three! a tiny one just popped up!

This is the first kitchen I noticed on a walk one day a few years ago. This one must be The Queen’s Kitchen? Interesting that it has stone steps leading up to an iron stove at the base of another large tree on a central western knoll. Similarly, the Stone Door with the sculpted Queen is atop another set of stone steps climbing to the base of the largest tree and both are facing eastward. Not shown in this painting, but present in real form are the kitchen tools hanging above on the tree. Little is known yet about who actually cooks here except the chef must add a musical touch to his concoctions, based on ‘a hint of musical spices’ on the stovetop. Attached as a stovepipe is some part of a horn, not sure if it’s a french horn or from some other country? And atop the stove is a whistling kettle with a heart on the front….hmmm… a heart?
For now, we’ll have to settle for such clues to give us a taste of who cooks here? what delectables? what ingredients? and who partakes of such symphonious scrumptiuals?

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