Mr. Jingle 13

Today I got up early to start a procedure that may help relieve some of the numbness/tingly sensations in my hands that may be coming from heavy metal reactions in my body in addition to chronic lyme.  It’s so odd to me that NOW with all this going on with my hands, that I would concentrate more on fine motor activities like writing and watercolor! Logic has never been my forte.                                                                                                          I was eager to start on today’s work, and had already sketched my images last night.  And then, out of the blue! I decided to try a different technique with my painting. Up til now, I’ve just been pencil sketching and then doing all the fine work with the smallest brush I had. Today I decided to do pen and watercolor combined. Pen is not nearly as ‘forgiving’ as pencil/ eraser and brushes and paint, yet I thought it might help me get the fine points better since it’s so hard for me to get my fingers to be as steady as I want….well…here it it…watercolor and ink! I’m not sure I like it as much. I made a huge ‘mistake’ (I always told kids when I taught…”when you think you’ve made a ‘mistake’, just turn it into something beautiful!)…so I let out an ‘agghh’ when black paint smeared from my brush all over little guy’s arms, head and binoculars, and then tried a lot of things I vaguely remembered that might help remove the black blob. Took a little more patience, but was able to shove all the extra black…’under his bed’! My plan had been to also do another using my old techniques and ask any readers that come by to ‘pick the one that seemed the best’. We’ll see if my hands are up for trying it again later today. For now, here’s page 13.

Maybe I dropped it
As I pulled things out.
I’ll look all around.
“No jingle!” I shout.

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