The Artist at the Hillock

While I’m polishing my last paintings and writing, I’m breathing in the nutrients down at The Mossy Hillock in the Meadow. Every day when my hands get too numb for writing or painting and my mind mingles in thoughts beyond words, I take a breather and take Lacy and Francklin (our wonderful three-legged companion) for a walk to sniff and breathe in the freshness of the day! It’s the best way I know to smooth out wrinkles in my tightening jaw and to let my brain stem unwind to its most natural primal being.

It’s during such meanderings that I hear MossWhispers that stir my soul and renew my real self! It’s moments lilke these that I am a singer, even when I can hardly match a pitch. And I’m a dancer even if I trip over every root! Steps in nature are so forgiving and nonjudgmental. The ground meets me where I am and together we greet the world! Gratitude is close at hand and all fears just fall away! Down at The Hillock, characters and settings unfold so effortlessly and time literally IS without needing mechanisms at all! (Those only matter when I get back up to the house and I realize the other world has kept on going without waiting for us!)
This particular photo is the place where ‘the artist’ dwells…there is a tiny easel that often has a piece of lichen covered bark or some other ‘study of the sunset’ sitting on its ledge. Once there was even a small tree toad sitting in the doorway to her cottage. This particular day, the artist is pondering the droplets of dew shimmering on the grapevines above her. And the moss below all of our feet is swollen with green so lush that snails would probably line up for miles just to take a turn making their diamond trails. As for me and the dogs…we just listen, and honestly I must say, everything fits together as one big many! Manifesting in one magnificent marvelous silent JINGLE RING! MossWhispers….

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