Twigs at Twilight 14 in Process

I’m in the middle of the drawing/inking process of this page. Usually, I don’t get around to posting in the middle of things, but I’m trying to be better about posting once a day. Rather that rush through the process ‘just to get something posted’ I’m choosing to split things up to let my hands (and the rest of me!) take a break in between. Big Twig is getting weary on his search now for BOTH Lacy Leaf AND Twiglet. As he looks at piles of twigs and leaves, he envisions what might happen to HIM if he doesn’t make it back into his tree by dawn, which is coming sooner and sooner! I gathered sticks and twigs that were actually in the house and tried positioning one of my twig people on them to help me visualize my drawing. Now I’m at the point of putting my drawings on a lightbox and creating an ink drawing on my watercolor paper. Already hands are getting numb-er, so I need to work quickly!Twig14 in Process 1

Twig14 in Process2

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