CASTING CALL! HELP! Hillock Characters: Too Many Possibilities!

Calling ALL Quakers, Editors, Writers, and WiseFolk Who Know How to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

My two other books already had text I’d been working with for years. I had something to start with that had made it from my head/heart to my pen. This Hillock creation started differently. It started with creating and tending a concrete landscape. The characters have been ‘behind the scenes’ that I’ve been creating. I had NO IDEA that there were SO MANY characters involved in this little Hillock Community! I guess ‘it takes a village! to create a life!’ I’ve tried to jot down as many as I could bring to mind at this time…but even now, I’m realizing ones that I left out on this list!  Spiral Lady with the Tressel, Pig in a Tree, Root Faces, and the ones that just floated in and back out of my head before I captured them on paper!!!!…Lots of Musing and Pondering to be done!HillockCharacterList HillockCharacterExploration1

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