Slug-ish Character Development

Let me get right to the point and waste no time about it! I will start with Studying the Perseverance of the Slug. There seems to be much we can learn from this little hermaphrodite. He’s nocturnal, moving from his powerful foot muscle, and mostly made of a huge sex organ when he/she feels moved to use it. A very sensitive creature that needs lots of moisture, not drawn to sunlight, and loves dark places. Yet the simple slug is endowed with a ever-available sticky substance that sparkles even in the dark. This slimy stuff is STRONG and shiftable…it serves both as a surface for slipping and sliding along in life for the snail and a substance that’s stronger than gorilla glue when such strength is needed…for instance, when it is securely suspended by it from a branch along with its sexual sister or brother.


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