Whoo! Whoo! Whoops!

I just checked up on myself by researching how owls see, and I realize now that I wrote all of this based on a wrong assumption! How could I have so mis-perceived how owls ‘perceive’?!  Well, I’ve learned that’ it’s better to do my research before rather than after! And that’s worth knowing. And perhaps there’s more to learn from my mis-perception. I think I’ll post this and see what else I can learn!OwlFaceInTree

Owl was WISE. Everyone came to him to learn how to see more clearly.

He could see so much from his high place, even to the farthest of far. Everyone knew that he could give them the real picture of things, even things they couldn’t see. He was known to see spots that were blind to every creature and critter who lived on the Hillock floor.

And yet as…

One eye looked west and one looked east,

Owl’s view of the Hillock he thought was complete.

Until one day he became quite dizzy.

From too many Whooo’s and too much busy.

As each eye spinned  to see a different place,

He no longer saw The Hillock through Queen Anne’s Lace!

For the first time ever Owl saw things newly.

And for the first time ever both eyes saw truly.

ALL seemed different and so profound.

Each eye beheld The Hillock with a puzzled frown!

His western eye  saw the privileged few.

And his eastern eye saw what workers do.

WHHOOOO WHOOOO!! Owl asked his deepest thoughts.

WHOOOOO can untie such unfair knots?

He ruffled his feathers and panned through the branches,

To find such a creature bold enough to take chances.

Perhaps the potter, a bug or a bird?

No not so…, even more absurd.

A tiny young girl was skipping right through.

Looking here and there for her tiny lost shoe.



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