Enter also, the snail

As this little girl steps along CobbleStoneWay, with one shoe on and the other shoe gone, she comes upon a snail slowly making her way also along what seems to her like BolderStoneWay. (I’m aware that we’ve already encountered a very bold naked slug who wasn’t shy at all about kissing The Fairy of the Castle of the Heart.) At some point soon I will need to call a halt to the onslaught of characters that keep coming forth wanting to be cast as key figures in this next book! Soon I will need to call them all together and weave the magic story web. For now, I don’t want to exclude any possibilities. So, today, I was quite impressed with the persistence of this snail! And I have in the back of my mind. (the back of my mind is SO FULL!), an image of the beautiful snail that my cousin, Dillard posted for me on Facebook. Quite a majestic one at that!

!Snail1 Snail2Snail3 Snail4 Snail5

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