Martha Agnes Julia Adele Stumbles Upon PebbleStoneWay

Perhaps this is the little girl’s name? And I just don’t know what to do when things materialize over and over in rhyme. I tried so hard not to let this happen. Started it in prose, and it just keeps rhythmically rewriting itself!


Martha Agnes Julia Adele stubbed her toe, then tripped and fell!

“Oh, diddle duff!” she grumbled and fussed, “too many pebbles and too much dust!”

She scuffed to her knees and looked round for her shoe, in her ears her mother’s voice blew through.

“Martha Agnes Julia Adele, you wouldn’t lose your shoes if you tied them well!”

She hadn’t tied her shoes quite right, and as she kicked the pebble, her shoe took flight.

But for Martha Agnes Julia Adele, an adventure was about to begin, quite well!

“What’s this?”  she felt underneath her feet? A marvelous, magnificent pebblestone street!

“I’ve stubbed myself into quite a surprise! A marvelous village, just my size!”

Martha Agnes Julia Adele jumped to her feet and skipped quite well!

“There’s something strange in the air around here…a mysterious fog makes me (things?) disappear!”

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