Martha Julia Agnes Adele 3

Lots of things about the story seem in that state of creative madness right now! So many characters are wanting to enter next! I don’t even think I can let that many of them come in, if I want to keep the simplicity of this story! So hard to say “no” to some of them! They’ll just need to wait their turn, and it might not be in this story. Some may have to wait longer than others. That’s SO hard! It’s as hard as having a classroom of children, each of whom wants to be first! Be heard! Get the attention. They all want to know they matter! Sigh…I didn’t realize such decisions would follow me everywhere!



Yes, she hadn’t tied her shoes quite right.

With strings so loose, one shoe took flight.

Yet for Martha Julia Agnes Adele,

An adventure was near… she could always tell!

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