Entering My Studio!

I’ve been so busy writing and painting that I haven’t taken much time to work on my studio, ACIU. I named it ACIU because that’s my favorite Lithuanian word.  Unfortunately, it’s been so full these last few years, that I haven’t had many times (or especially SPACE!) to create in it! So I’ve brought my $3.oo goodwill light table and paints and supplies into the house and set up ‘camp studio’ on the living room sofa and coffee table bench! Now it’s time to RECLAIM this Studio Space!  

ACIU: Aciu means “thank you”…and to me “it’s thank you every moment!”

It’s quite a menagerie! and I’ll let you in on a big secret, if it won’t scare anyone! It’s a lot like my mind! Actually, may even be better-sorted than my mind, but I’m sure my mind is a little more dynamic!

The drawers are the most organized in sorted. We’ll open them some time later!


Studio 1 Studio2

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