The Hillock Holds the Stories

One thing I have learned about how my brain works is that it forgets many things that pass through it! Perhaps this is because SO MANY ideas go through it at lightning speed! and my brain storage system can’t possibly hold them all! nor does it know what storiess will need which ingredients. That’s where The Hillock comes in!! My sort of brain needs concrete, reminders to recall old images that have passed through it. The Hillock has provided a ‘container’ to hold magical ideas and artifacts that at some point can come alive as important ingredients for stories. Characters are also emerging faster than I can write them!

I’m so grateful for my walks with our dogs, even in times when my brain bubbles ideas that my body doesn’t have energy to carry forward! And also grateful for how time takes the ingredients of ideas & inklings and mixes them into a stew of stories! Years ago when I was dealing with intensely chronic pain from Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, I did a lot of walking and wandering… On hot, buggy days I’d end up at Goodwill just puttering and spending coin-amounts on little ‘idea relics’. Then over years a few would end up in my pocket on a walk with the dogs, invariably finding a place in The Hillock. This little metal owl and a roughly welded simulation of a nest of sticks, found a place in the fork of two branches of a large cedar, actually, the cedar that eventually became Potter’s tree!

And now, perhaps 7 or so years later, Old Cedar and the Wise Old Owl have become key characters in helping Martha Julia Agnes Adele find her shoe!

I just LOVE how Life leads me back and forth from Inklings of Intuitive…seemingly useless ‘pickups’ at Goodwill to Ideas that become Important Ingredients in Stories that I had no Idea would Evolve! HOW does this happen?

THESE are the moments when I’m so grateful for the crazy-nonstop wise brain that I have! (BeLIEVE me! There are also times when I wish I could STOP some of my off-the-wall, seemingly superfluous thoughts…and either REST or have a logical, normal one, for a change! Today, I’ll embrace GRATITUDE and all the benefits of creative connections that come with it!

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