Potion House III: Recordings & Mystery

It’s sometimes hard to be in the middle of playing with the GRAND ONES when they’re ‘busy at work’ and also document all their discoveries!! Sometimes MY revelations of such, happen after they’ve gone and there’s time for snooping and reflection for me! Here are some observations:

Color Formula System: When I had a chance, I asked Andrea about this and she said that was how they kept track of how to mix the colors!
Mystery of the Missing Berries: Oliver explained this mystery they were trying to solve! Here are his notes about the suspect! Hmmm…what do YOU think it might be? Guess we need to set a ‘suspect trap’?
Regarding Price $: Sofar this seems to be the most expensive potion I’ve seen in the Potion House! It’s definitely out of MY price range! I think I need to find out more information on each potion, like the purpose, the proven record of success, and what Money Back Guarantees there might be?
Their BEST Potion: Oliver describes this potion in the ‘duck’ bottle as their most precious and best potion. When he and I were checking out the potion house from their last GRAND potion work session, we discovered that there were definitely clues of some intruder (s) and berry thief! He took me around the corner of the outside of the house to check on this potion. They had carefully placed it on the ground for some reason. There it was with the cork popped off and on the ground, broken! (GUESS I BETTER SET SOME WORK SAFETY STANDARDS: Containers need to be unbreakable. Liquids and solids are not to be ingested, inhaled, tasted or sipped. Fingers, ingredients, away from face and mouth. Hands must ALWAYS be washed!…

Next time the GRANDS are here we’ll need to have a meeting to come up with their Safety Standards (every business has safety standards!): Don’t tell, but mine are the following: •Containers need to be unbreakable. •Liquids and solids are not to be ingested, inhaled, tasted or sipped. •Fingers, ingredients, and utensils must be kept away from face and mouth. •Hands must ALWAYS be washed after Potion Work!… We’ll SEE what they come up with first! Their standards will actually much stricter than mine! THEN, of course, we’ll need to enforce with their own Safety Standards with regular Safety Inspections!

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