HawkWhispers: Day I

THIS awesome creature landed in front of us!

Yesterday morning Alex, Francklin, and Atticus and I took a morning walk. I was just trying to keep up and so awed to be outside hoping my lymph glands would drain, grateful to be with them and ALL. Suddenly we saw (and felt!) something enter our realm and plop down in front of us. A huge red-tailed hawk…appeared right in front of us on our walk! The dogs began their barking. Atticus, especially pounced around, it ready to play. Meanwhile Alex tried to manage the dogs and I began wondering ‘WHY’….was it trying to catch a field rat? was it protecting something from the dogs? was it injured? was there a premature baby bird somewhere around? It had perfectly timed its entrance right in front of us, as if it had SOME intention and purpose… now what was it?

Atticus and Francklin, greeting Mr? or Mrs? Hawk

After Alex and I got the dogs away, (fortunately Alex carries a leash in his pocket for Atticus), we both continued to FEEL the awesome wonder of this visitor on our walk, and to wonder what caused him to continue to stay around? Was he hurt? Alex got on his phone to reach out to Piedmont Animal Rescue and finally left a message at a Raptor Center number. Meanwhile, I continued exploring the ‘why’ ….

Beginnings of a Giant Nest

I remembered in years past there had regularly appeared a giant nest up high over the ‘old abandoned pond, turned bog.’ I looked up, and probably a 40 foot walking distance from us was what appeared to be the beginnings of this year’s giant nest. Was he or she just swooping down to find more sticks for the nest? or just protecting territory? Seemed too early in the year for babies to have arrived, and the nest didn’t look big enough yet….hmmm…so why had this magnificent creature timed its entrance into our lives with such precision?

Our Magnificent Lifeshock

Alex was now free to hold the dogs, and it was MY turn to quietly absorb what this powerful presence was trying to say by its lingering presence. I slowly moved towards him til I was about 8 feet away. Probably I could have felt feathers with my fingers, but saturating my soul was enough for me. I talked softly to him as he looked at me, telling him that he was okay, and that we wouldn’t let anything hurt him. Yet had I zoomed in on his or her huge talons, I would have realized that he or she probably didn’t need reassurance from me. I was experiencing a powerful being, primed and ready for anything that came his or her way! At the time, I didn’t realize how much more there was to ‘take in’ from this unannounced visitor that appeared in front of us.

After we settled back home with the dogs, Alex went back down in the meadow to make sure that the hawk truly wasn’t staying around from an injury. This magnificent bird which I was beginning to learn might have been a female, was gone. But not inside my spirit and psyche. There was still much to learn.

I began to read profusely about these birds, their habits, their size, their symbolism from ancient times to now. I learned that they are monogamous, and mate for life. The female is usually larger than the male. They usually are not social, but this time of year may appear closer to humans. They often come back to the same spot each year for nesting, and may build upon an old nest with sticks. This is the time of year that happens. The nests can grow in size to up to 3 feet tall and 2 or so feet wide. They mate and begin a brood often in March. There much more that I inhaled eagerly and stored in my brainsponge and soul. Here are a few prompts for my pondering the meaning of this beautiful bird’s bold appearance in our lives:

“When Hawk swoops into your life be ready for a whole new level of awareness developing in your mind and spirit. Hawk bears observation skills and broad perspectives on His wings. You could not ask for a better companion if you’ve been working on your overall insights….” from whatisyourspiritualanimal.com

Thank you, Hawk of our universe, for your visit to my vision and for awakening me to whatever is right in front of me! I gladly draw on your vision, your ability to see beyond any little pictures I’m micro focusing on. I’m ready to learn from you. What goosebumps of gratitude I already feel and I don’t really know why!! ACIU!

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