The Search…The Find

As I begin each day, I awaken with a body that house memories of all that has gone before and thankfully an openness to possibilities yet unknown. In the midst of this, is usually the presence of chronic pain, figments of fatigue and of course fabricated fears that want to cling and tag along on my journey. Yet the most exciting thing about ‘waking up’ that thankfully supersedes all others is the anticipation of the Unknown! The wonder of alluring Adventure! The trust in the Unseen. And the faith that accompanies meeting Challenge. I’m invited to discover the Treasures that are hidden in THIS DAY!

Today I’m grateful for the memories, that even Facebook helps bring to fore as it did today. This picture greeted me through the algorithmic mystery wires. It reminds me that even this little guy found what he was searching for, the answer to his question about what was making the “Jingle in My Pocket.”

And then flashed into my head that even the “Twigs at Twilight: In Search of Lacey Leaf” found their lost friend!

And now, though it took 7 years, “Martha Julia Agnes Adele” was helped by her newfound friends to not only find the shoe she lost when she tripped and fell at The Hillock! but also to discover that she had learned something that she hadn’t realized before.

And for all these characters, the elation experienced at the moment of ‘the Find” is only as intensely wonderful as the searching journey itself! So today, I’m grateful to be continuing on ‘the Search’ no matter what I find along the way! And, like Martha Julia Agnes Adele, sometimes the treasure I think might be the treasure, is only a goal that moves me forward so that I can discover the REAL TREASURES lurking in my shadows and linking also to the search along the way. Like Martha, I may actually LEARN or CONNECT with something to put in my trip bag of Intangibles that empowers my life long journey!!! Those are the Gifts of Gratitude, unsought-for and unexpected!

Here’s one learning that I must internalize over and over. For it fuels my faithfulness even in moments of Loss, Despair, Disillusionment, or DisEase. THIS is worth noting for any Creative using any medium, and that means ALL of US!:

Just after the moment that I accomplish ‘a Find,’ no matter how exciting and satisfying it is….I realize it is quickly followed by that feeling of loss…at least for that moment, I am ‘off the search train’…feeling LOST and bewildered…Now what? This is the time of soul searching, going within, listening, renewing my soul, feeling my pain and fear, building my trust in ‘not knowing what’s next’ and not knowing where my focus needs to lie. THIS is the series of moments where Life will lead me as I flounder, faithfully taking random steps, allowing for trips and falls, and finally realizing that without knowing I have stepped back onto the ‘search train’ or perhaps I never stepped off?

OH! How much I love the ongoing treasure hunt process of LIFE! Maybe this is my ultimate addiction? I don’t know. And even THAT is exciting!?!?!

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