HawkPonderings III

Time to give an update on our new ‘spirit animal friend’, HAWK. Many of you have asked how he or she is doing. After two days in a row of being ‘visited’ by our new bold friend, we have walked around that bend of the meadow, with great anticipation, searching eyes and soul. This area is near the creek bend and the ‘wannabe’ pond which has become more of Atticus Dog’s MudMessAboutMarsh! We have not have any earth floor visits by our HawkFriend, yet I’m always aware of two beautiful highflying ones in the blue sky nearby.

I was grateful to hear from my birding guru, Pam Diamond, who checked with her hawk gurus, facts about hawks that make me think it was ‘mantling’ when it lifted his wings like in the first picture. They apparently do this when they are ‘protecting a hunt’ or ‘territory’. Both of these things really fit what this beauty was doing. The first day it literally SWOOPED down and PLOPPED right in front of our two dogs and took its STANCE with shoulders lifted and wings fanned.

The other fact I learned through her from her friends, (Thank you Hawk Gurus!) is that for the other possibility of its being injured: If it were injured and left there, it wouldn’t survive for more than a few days. If that had been the case, I think we would have found some clues of decay smells, feathers or something. We really LOOKED. And better than that! our two dogs would have sniffed him out. So I’m relieved to go with the guru’s first scenario, along with OF COURSE, the spiritual symbolism of its visit! This brings me to what I wrote before about what I think this amazing creature is bringing up for me to learn in my life!

So here flows what I’m hearing from this bold bird’s whispers: • take your stance • listen to your pain in your shoulders, your spine, your neck • your pain is telling you that you need to ready your wings to fly (and maybe change where you do your writing!) • being ready includes this moment in time when you take your stands and grow roots that will sustain you even in the sky • then you can rise above the details, the stuff in your life that is holding you down • as you heal your own wings and all spine and muscle that hold them, you will fly beyond the small wonders that you love. • your vision will widen to include all you need to see next • from this point you will see all points and your heart will know and show you your focus • as you fly you will also see more intense pain and suffering in the world. • to keep focusing and flying over and through all this will take discipline, for you must keep your own creative core strong. • this is when you will need a strong gathering of support and encouragement, including some that is bold and blunt. • take this support and fly with it, always knowing that you have your nest to catch you and renew you. • for you are always held in the air and on the ground by breath of Life itself! • stay aware and concerned for all of Life and also know that It is Held, as am I, the hawk.

I went back to the meadow on day three at the same time to see if the hawk was present on the ground. I didn’t see it but did see on the periphery as I headed that way, a hawk flying in the sky. Within no time, it crossed the meadow sky until she was flying overhead. It continued circling and reappearing as long as I was on that corner of the meadow. Why, I don’t know for sure. What I DO know is that my inner response hasn’t gone but has grown instead.


  1. Pamela Diamond said,

    March 10, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    WOWOWOWOW. I loved seeing this video. I love how Atticus has the instincts to stay back away from this majestic, imposing creature, even though he is clearly curious and miffed by its presence. And, I love how bold this beautiful hawk is, standing its ground, defending its place in the world, doing what it knows to look big and fierce and imposing.

    I do want to point out something you may already know – the photo with the bird flying near the pine tree is a turkey vulture, not a hawk. You may know that already but when they are soaring and circling it can be difficult to tell the difference. If you didn’t know, I’d love to take you up on that offer to come visit and I could teach you a couple of ways to more readily identify them.

    Thanks for sharing, and for the shout out. I DELIGHT in being asked about my ever-growing knowledge of birds. My sister plays a game with me (she’s in Florida) where she will record birds in her yard and I tell her what they are. <3 <3 <3

  2. Ann Gordon said,

    March 10, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Hi Pam! This amazing creature DOES know how to take a stand. I’ll have to say though, Atticus can bark up a storm, but mostly wants to play. He’s actually quite a scaredy cat in the end and often will end up between our legs.
    No, I didn’t realize I was photoing a turkey vulture! I think I’ll delete the photo, for I wouldn’t want Hawk to be humiliated!
    And YES! DO come over for a birding and catch-up day! Private message me on facebook or text me with some good times that you could come! I would so love to spend time with you!

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