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Stone Door to Wise Old Tree

At the centermost peak of The Hillock, just past the Two Stone Pillars, ramble stone steps climbing to the base of the Wise Old Tree. On the North Side of the tree at the top of the steps is a stone door gathering moss. What’s behind it or how to open it are not common knowledge. Those that make it through the Valley of Ashes and past Char, the guardian of the gates, are greeted by this series of stone steps held together with mossy mortar. With each step towards the ancient arch, wrinkled feelings forged by life, slowly smooth… leaving one’s whole being open to a willing wonder that’s been waiting to surface. As eyes and hearts refocus, clearly appears on the stone’s surface, a statue of Queen, herself, sculpted in detail on the front of the door. Nevermind a door knob or hinges. This door doesn’t function as we know doors to do. To hillock inhabitants, save only a few of the wisely intuitive, this central stone remains a mysterious monument to some primal presence on this hillock. And even for them, each is privy to only one piece of such knowledge. Perhaps a better use of ones time when near these beautiful steps, is to savor their natural beauty, their combinations of colors and shapes, and the views from such a high vantage point, rather than spending one’s time and energy trying to figure out how to open the door. From the top step, eyes can practically view a 360, except for directly behind the tree where The Artist paints the western sunsets. Still it’s hard to keep imaginations from climbing higher and delving deeper into the Mystery of the Stone Door in the Wise Old Tree. Questions and ponderings are best solved on this mossy hillock by not ‘trying to figure it out.’

The Castle of the Heart and the One-Winged Bird

CastleofHeart2The Castle of the Heart and the One-Winged Bird

Slab is busily firing his kiln for the last time before he makes his big delivery trek to the eastern slope of  Middle Hillock. He must time it just right. For to get to “The Castle of the Heart” he must pass through the Valley of  Ashes and the lair of Char, the last dragon to guard the the Stone Gateway to the Wise Old Tree….

Just as the Valley of Ashes is made of layers of dragon bones from Char’s ancestors, and fallen trees blackened by snores of ancestral dragons’ ancient slumbers.  … The Castle of the Heart, is made of layers… layers of castles whose heartbeats have moved on, making room for quicker pulses to thrive. and if  Slab were to have a sense  that he was being watched even on his hidden days and nights, he is right. For far in the distance stands the silhouette of a one-winged bird, glancing longingly towards the castle. Never once does he turn his eye from the direction his wing points. Never once does he rest from his vigil.

…For Slab, this trek is easy since he has the fortunate design of a day in between everyone else’s’. So as easy as Slab’s clay forms into pots, Slab easily slips through space and time as he rolls his heavy load of pottery up to the castle doors.

“The Potter’s Tree”


Over the last 3 years, some new dwellings have begun to appear at The Hillock in the Meadow. They are amazing to watch evolve over the seasons. Recently, I’ve been working on watercolors of them, and slowly stories of each of the dwellings are whispering through my mind on my walks. This watercolor is outer evidence of Slab, the Potter. Slab spends a lot of his time underground searching for clay and minerals for his work. In the picture you can see some of his work, and off to the right peeks remnants of his outdoor kiln. He’s an industrious little fellow and hard to catch in action with the human eye!

MossTender on the Move!

As Moss quickens its growth along the Meadow floor and the Hillock transforms into a Magical Miniature Moss Mountain Community, Ann, the MeadowWalker and MossTender is creeping to catch up with all the creating that’s been going on. It’s been only two plus years! since I recorded any MossWhispers.
My heart continues to listen though my fingers have been learning, tending and typing textures of mosses rather than typing texts into my computer.
Even with dirt under my nails, I RE-COMMIT to posting MossWhispers!
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LOOK for articles and photos that describe many of the happenings and learnings going on around the Studio, Hillocks and Elsewhere!

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